2021 in numbers

One of the most important lessons of seeking Wholistic Wellbeing is to have the courage to interrogate it. Unlike other, more dogmatic belief systems, Wholistic Wellbeing encourages inquiry. Far from inviting us to blindly follow a set of rules, it guides us to ask questions and explore answers we may have previously ignored.

As I dig deeper into the concepts and ideas that inform and underpin Wholistic Wellbeing, one conclusion I find myself drawing consistently is of the framework’s democratic ethos: that it seeks to touch us all, regardless of our positions within society; source and level of income; or personal convictions. As I understand it, Wholistic Wellbeing is a universal birthright.

This is why, as part of my own journey of wellbeing, I have felt the need — and nurtured my desire — to give back to communities that have shaped who I am today, and for whom Wholistic Wellbeing is often more difficult to access. I have set this wheel in motion through the RoundGlass Foundation, which has led various social and environmental initiatives in Punjab since its inception.

I am particularly proud of the work done by the Foundation in 2021; not least because of the amazing results, but also because of the incredible difficulty of pursuing on-the-ground outreach during a global pandemic, when staff shortages make it harder to meet targets, and some of the problems we seek to alleviate (notably violence against women) have increased dramatically.

I would like to highlight some of our achievements this year:

  • In December 2021, RoundGlass Foundation reached 1100 villages, impacting lives of a million people overall.

I want to extend a heartfelt and grateful thank you to all my friends and work family at RoundGlass Foundation, whose tireless dedication to enacting meaningful and lasting change inspires me every day as I seek to make Wholistic Wellbeing a reality for all.



#Entrepreneur and #philanthropist democratizing #wellbeing for the world. Founder of Roundglass and Edifecs. #WholisticWellbeing #LivingwithSunny

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Sunny Gurpreet Singh

#Entrepreneur and #philanthropist democratizing #wellbeing for the world. Founder of Roundglass and Edifecs. #WholisticWellbeing #LivingwithSunny