Find Peace in the Chaos of Life

Sunny Gurpreet Singh
4 min readSep 19, 2022

Try to redirect yourself from mindless reactivity toward mindful living to find your daily dose of calm.

We are all born out of chaos. It gave birth to the universe, the very first stars, galaxies, planets, and, after millions of years of evolution, to us. It is only natural that chaos continues to be a part of our lives. The unpredictability of events — which we may attribute to fate or luck — steers us throughout our lives from birth to death, making us weak or resilient, depending on how we navigate these curveballs.

Cosmic beginnings aside, we all carry an element of volatility within us each day. Sometimes, we can channel this energy productively, but on many occasions, chaos or disruption in our lives has a ripple effect on our minds, leaving us feeling lost, anxious, or depressed.

Each day is filled with stressors and complications from work or personal life — you could wake up late, miss a deadline, lose your car keys, get stuck in traffic on your workday, or get into an argument with a friend. Balancing your emotions while dealing with these stressors can be a heavy burden on your mind and body. You may often catch yourself feeling, “I do not want to feel anxious anymore” or “I don’t want to feel so stressed daily!” So, how are you supposed to find peace in this chaos that is life?

The answer is simple, but not always easy.

Take some time out. Pause. Be mindful and meditate. You may shake your head with incredulity at this advice and say this is possible only when you are on vacation, not when your phone is beeping with email notifications. As a seeker of Wholistic Wellbeing, I believe these are the best ways to find inner peace — and you can do it in daily life.

Wholistic Wellbeing is not about overhauling your life in a day; it’s about taking micro steps that change your way of living over time. The first step is not revamping your diet or starting a fitness routine, it is simply changing your mindset. The slow and steady win the race: those who take small, purposeful, and intentional steps towards mindful living will eventually find inner peace.

Here are six steps you can practice daily to find peace within:

Be Present

If you often find yourself caught in an endless, mindless scroll on your phone, you need to stop. Being mindful is about being truly present in the moment. Put your devices away when you are in the middle of a conversation and truly listen and pay attention to the person next to you.

Try to engage more openly and have authentic conversations in the real world, away from devices or social media. Studies show that social relationships — both their quality and quantity — shape our mental health. Make time to go meet friends, share your feelings with your family, and have a meal together with loved ones.

Practice Mindful Eating

A lunch break or snack time can be the perfect opportunity to de-stress your workday; you can also decompress by sneaking in a moment of mindfulness. As you enjoy each bite, try to calm your mind, be fully present, and enjoy your meal. This time of mindful eating could also be an ideal time to take stock of your feelings and ask yourself, “What’s going on with me?”

Spend Time in Nature

Mindfulness is simply paying attention to whatever is happening in the present moment — without judgment. If you do this, you will open your mind to the beauty that surrounds you. Spending time in nature is more than a visual break, it has physical benefits as well. The best way to do this is by living in the now by yourself in nature. Soak in the sunlight and fresh air and take in the sounds of nature, you will feel rejuvenated.

Be Grateful

We are all driven by a desire to acquire; we wish for things or set goals that bring with them more anxiety, worry, and stress. When we can’t obtain these lofty goals, we become sad and angry. If we flip this desire of yearning to an attitude of gratitude, we can experience the happiness that comes from a grateful state of mind. This can help us find peace and re-align what we truly desire. Being grateful and in service of those around you will help you value the meaningful relationships in your life.

Visualize your Day

Our brains experience imagination similarly to reality, and you can use this to your benefit through visualization. It can help you calm your body in stressful situations and overcome old fears. It can also help you create the best outcomes in a future situation. Imagining yourself doing well at a future work presentation, social interaction, or creative performance can help you plan and celebrate life.

Start a Meditation Practice

A meditation practice can help you change your attitude towards finding moments of serenity daily. It will bring you peace and increased awareness. You will learn what it means to feel grounded. You can choose a simple and accessible set of practices that can guide you through your daily life situations.

You can’t rush the pursuit of finding peace within chaos. But trust yourself and try mindful living; and I assure you, peace will come.



Sunny Gurpreet Singh

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