The 7 Pillars of Wholistic Wellbeing — My Journey in Self-Discovery

Sunny Gurpreet Singh
4 min readJun 7, 2021

After years of hard work, my body began to show signs of burnout. This is when I came to a realization that I needed something more in my life for it to be truly fulfilling, so I began looking for ways in which I could reinvent myself. My own journey of wellbeing began back then, at first with detoxing and yoga. The progress was threatened by the fact that I kept working too much for it to be sustainable. Work turned into an addiction; in the end, was I truly happy or as productive as I wished?

I understand now how long working hours is counter-productive. How to avoid both burnout, and any serious illnesses that commonly stem from a high-stress lifestyle? What my experience taught me, is that by doing less, resting more and picking carefully on what projects to focus on, we actually produce better outcomes. We need time, proper sleep, rest, recreation…to truly relax and reenergize ourselves. I see this process as connecting with what I call the North Star, the inner essence inside all of us.

The North Star is the anchor of the Northern Sky. It is a landmark, or sky marker, that helps those who follow it determine direction as it shines in the sky, guiding people toward a purposeful destination. This metaphor is quite profound and it is the one that has been guiding my steps, and now the steps of RoundGlass.

RoundGlass is a company I founded in 2014, that offers cutting edge solutions, content, an app and tech for people’s whole + holistic = Wholistic Wellbeing. RoundGlass is dedicated to develop cutting edge wellbeing programs, mindfulness, music and Meditation and to foster communities of like minded people interested in improving their lives, which is the case of what we call “collectives”.

I define Wholistic Wellbeing as a type of wellbeing that integrates seven important areas of wellbeing. The Seven Pillars that are the foundations of Wholistic Wellbeing are the following:

Physical wellbeing; Physical activity lifts the body and mind and helps to counter the negative health consequences of an often sedentary modern lifestyle. Keeping in good physical condition can help us maintain a positive outlook & an improved quality of life, providing vital energy to every day.

Emotional wellbeing; emotional wellbeing has the largest impact on an individual’s wellbeing and quality of life. Modern society’s hectic lifestyle gave rise to high rates of stress, anxiety, and depression in the population. At RoundGlass, we offer various courses and webinars helping people find better and healthier ways to cope with their emotions. We also offer a meditation app that supports people on their journey for increased wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing; Financial wellbeing is another important area of focus, in my vision of what wholistic wellbeing is. How to improve our finances without compromising our health and wellbeing? We have been conditioned to measure our worth by our economic success and the material assets we can exhibit to the world, but the pressure to achieve and have, can create emotional stress. Developing good financial habits, finding meaningful work, looking for investing solutions that are aligned with one’s core values, helps people create financial security and freedom to live happier and more engaged lives.

Professional wellbeing; Imagine how life would feel if you were able to wake up everyday energized and happy to start your working day, in something meaningful that you feel is contributing towards a better world? Being secure and satisfied with your career path and work environment is at the heart of professional wellbeing. It involves understanding and managing the workplace experience, performance management, rewards & recognition, organizational alignment, personal development and meaningfulness of work to create a more positive professional life.

Social wellbeing; Strong social ties bring stability and comfort in times of need and help us do well in times of plenty. Spending time with family, friends and loved ones is super important.

Community wellbeing; Being part of the larger communal system and recognizing our role in that system is life affirming. Taking on one or more social causes, can help one develop a sense of wellbeing through contributing and feeling involved. At RoundGlass, we are hands-on, so we develop all kinds of initiatives, webinars, online courses and also the concept of collectives, to promote and support people on their journey for increased social wellbeing.

The importance of social wellbeing is particularly poignant in situations like illness and end of life. RoundGlass End of Life (EOL) Collective hopes to support people in an area that is often neglected.

Planetary wellbeing; Learning and discovering the magnificence and variety of nature and the planet earth, promotes greater respect and affection for all living ecosystems, encouraging people to act to protect all of Earth’s wealth and diversity. In the domain of planetary wellbeing, RoundGlass Sustain dreams of a wilder, greener planet — one that is inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable — and respects every life form, big or small. My company tells stories that inspire a sense of wonder in India’s wildlife and habitats while creating awareness, impact, and a compassionate community. By creating a globally accessible treasury of wildlife images, videos, and information, RoundGlass Sustain hopes to encourage people to act to protect all of Earth’s wealth and diversity.

In a nutshell, RoundGlass operates through a combination of technology at the service of wholistic wellbeing plus all kinds of hands-on projects supporting and promoting the different pillars that are part of Wholistic Wellbeing.

I firmly believe in RoundGlass is an instrument of change, and that by the promotion and dissemination of the concept of Wholistic Wellbeing, it can impact the world.



Sunny Gurpreet Singh

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